Ignasi Senén

A designer whose curriculum includes a 12-year experience (1976-1988) as a member of the design and production team of an outstanding company such as Muebles Palau.

According to Ignasi’s work philosophy, creativity has always been associated with companies’ productivity. Using his extensive experience, he’s making the most of its facilities by mediating between the design department and manufacture.

Ignasi Senén is not merely a supplier, but a collaborator who truely becomes part of every new project, seeking appropriate connections between himself and his customers. More than 20 years as a freelance have helped him in improving design into a more reflective concept, keeping his innovative nature while adjusting to the needs of the market.

DESIGNA STUDIO is Senen’s new project. In his seafront studio, Ignasi and his collaborators decide about every single detail, making sure that every project is perfectly done before it is delivered. His team of designers uses state-of-the-art software to provide even the most detailed information to factories, always giving a personalized treatment in order to adapt to every factory’s facilities and personnel.


Most of the work is based on extensive programs of living rooms, dining rooms, master and juvenile bedrooms, etc., combining functional furniture with design elements to make DESIGNA STUDIO’s creations fit with each customer’s liking and convenience.

A number of projects in the most outstanding Spanish and Portuguese furniture companies endorse their DESIGNA STUDIO’s (A.BRITO, GRABAL, LANMOBEL, JIMÉNEZ VISO, DISSENIA, MOBLES CASALS, PLA ROYO, PROMOBLE, INDEME, etc.)